About the Family

Corinne and Arturo Cuéllar

23 years ago the Arturo Cuéllar art dealing business was founded. Since then it has maintained its specialism in discovering and dealing Master drawings, in particular from the fifteenth to the end of the twentieth century – from Rembrandt to Cézanne and to de Staël. Arturo and his wife Corinne Cuéllar-Nathan’s enthusiasm for art dealing has always been guided by their love for uncovering art as well as their commitment to continuing the great family tradition of art dealing.

Four generations of the family have dedicated their careers to art dealing – the start of which can be traced back to 1855 and the auctioneer Hugo Helbing. Since then, the business has expanded and adapted to the changing market and for the past 23 years Corinne and Arturo have been developing the family business in their own individual way. From the beginning of their careers they have been drawn especially to nineteenth-century French drawings as well as drawings by the German romantics. However, other specialisms include modern drawings in particular by Nicolas de Staël, Baltasar Lobo, Gaston Chaissac, Maurice Estève and Charles Lapicque.

In recent years the Cuéllars have advised private collectors and public institutions. Arturo and Corinne Cuéllar have sold art internationally to most major museums and have been lucky enough to accompany and advice many prestigious collectors in building their personal collections. Thus, Corinne and Arturo have had the privilege of working with many significant public institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Uffizi in Florence, the Courtauld Institute of Art in London and the Louvre Museum.

What interests the Cuéllars in particular, is not just nurturing their own passion for art, but sharing this with other avid art enthusiasts. For this reason, they have been successful in encouraging young people to become involved in art collecting – proving that this does not always need huge funds to initiate.